Dick Pfeil
100 E. Wayne St., Suite 305
South Bend, IN 46601
Vote Tuesday, November 8th

Meet Mr. Innovation

Dick Pfeil is also known as Mr. Innovation. As the founder of the Pfeil  Innovation Center in South Bend, his passion is assisting local businesses and organizations with the creation of innovative programs, initiatives, and funding to boost their success in their industry, market, and community.

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Vote for Dick November 8th

After learning about Dick Pfeil and hearing his strategy to move Indiana forward, we ask for your vote for Dick in the upcoming election on November 8. Dick has plans to do great things in the Indiana State House when elected. Dick Pfeil is your best choice for Indiana State Representative, House District 8!

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Dick’s Mission

Dick is a change agent and his mission is to create good paying jobs and fulfil the dreams on both local and state level. He will work hard to support the South Bend community he grew up in. Dick has the real world experience needed to achieve ambitious goals in our community and throughout Indiana and will work together with individuals to make real change happen.

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Businessman, Innovator, Job Creator

Dick Pfeil is an innovator, community servant, and businessman. Pfeil and his team have created hundreds of Indiana jobs while working alongside the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. He has the real life experiences we need in Indianapolis to get our families working again.

As an innovator, Dick Pfeil is the proud founder of Pfeil Innovation Center in South Bend. With this center, he helps local businesses learn new techniques that will help them better compete and succeed.

District 8 of Indiana needs change – Dick Pfeil for State Rep. He has lived in this community all of his life; it is where he went to school, built his business, and raised his family. To support his mission, vote Dick Pfeil on Tuesday, November 8.

Join Us Today!

We invite you to join our election campaign by showing your support through funding, posting signage, and spreading the word about what Dick plans to do for the community. Election day is November 8th, so be sure to get informed about all of his campaign initiatives now.

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